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Culture field trip 1 observations

Culture field trip 1 observations - sits on the farthest...

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Laura Hyde Field Trip 1 Observations On the first culture class field trip I learned more about the differences and similarities between traditional Chinese and American food. The Chinese food that we ate was very different than American food in that fish, shrimp and chicken were all served in their original state (the bones had not been taken out, the head was still on, and the skin/scales (and fins) had not been removed), and the variety of things on the menu was much larger (for example, we had jellyfish which is never served in the U.S.). I also learned about traditional Chinese dinner customs, like the person of highest importance
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Unformatted text preview: sits on the farthest side of the table from the door, and that there is traditionally only one person who orders for everyone and all the dishes are shared. Also, the way waitresses interact with customers is completely different from the United States. In the U.S., tipping is a common practice however, in China, tipping is rare. At this cultural lunch, we were expected to pay the bill before all the food is delivered, and once we had received all the food the waitress did not come back to check on our table. In the U.S. the bill is usually paid last and the waitress frequently checks on the table....
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