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Culture Field trip 2 observations

Culture Field trip 2 observations - Not only would you have...

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Laura Hyde Culture Field Trip 2 Observations It was really interesting to see how many types of traditional Chinese art are created. Watching the artists who were sewing an image onto a screen was unbelievable because of the huge amount of time, energy and focus that would require. The pieces of art that are carved out of ivory were also incredible. The designs that were carved into the ivory were really intricate. It would take an unbelievable amount of focus and patience to finish one of those pieces because one mistake could result in the entire piece being ruined. Also, learning how to create an incredibly intricate statue like the ones we saw would require years of teaching.
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Unformatted text preview: Not only would you have to teach yourself how to have a steady hand and how to be incredibly patient, but you would also have to master all of the many tools that are used to create something from ivory. I thought it was incredible how fluid some of the materials pictured in the statues looked. The artists were able to transform marble and ivory into a soft looking, fluid fabric. I also learned about a new art form which involves painting inside of small bottles with tiny, curved brushes. I really like how the Chinese government is sponsoring an art academy so that traditional Chinese art forms can be preserved and passed down to generations to come....
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