algae step - n=(m>0 &...

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%Laura Hyde %Laurhyde %Eng101, Section 205, Chad Ohlandt %Project 8 %3/3/08 %algaeStep.m function outputGrid = algaeStep(algaeGrid, foodGrid) %function outputGrid = algaeStep(algaeGrid, foodGrid) %This function models aglae growth and death into the following generation %based on given food levels and algae ages. newAlgaeGrid=zeros(size(algaeGrid)+2); newAlgaeGrid(2:end-1,2:end-1)=algaeGrid; a=size(newAlgaeGrid); i=2:length(a)-1 j=2:length(a)-1 if newAlgaeGrid(i,j)==0 m=newAlgaeGrid(i-1:i+1,j-1:j+1);
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Unformatted text preview: n=(m>0 & m<=7); %Creates another matrix around the cell. if((sum(sum(n))>=2) && (foodGrid(i-1,j-1)>75)) newAlgaeGrid(i,j)=1; end %Searches the surrounding cells for algae between the ages of 7 and 1. %If more than two of these cells are found, the main cell is reborn. elseif(newAlgaeGrid(i,j)>0) && (foodGrid(i-1,j-1)>50) newAlgaeGrid(i,j)=newAlgaeGrid(i,j)+1; elseif foodGrid(i-1,j-1)<=50 algaeGrid(i,j)=0; end end end outputGrid=newAlgaeGrid(2:end-1,2:end-1); end...
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algae step - n=(m>0 &...

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