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Winter 2009 Student Information – Introductory Physics 128/241/261 Labs Supervisors Prof. Greg Tarlé 359 West Hall Faculty Supervisor: Overall course organization; 763-1489 curriculum revisions and development. [email protected] Dennis Allen 1241 Randall Lab Lab Supervisor: Day to day lab problems; 764-3468 lab equipment setup. [email protected] Devin Harper 2251 Randall Lab Lead GSI: Assists and monitors GSIs; computers and 936-6648 software; covers GSI absences. [email protected] Lab upgrades We are currently in the process of revising the curriculum in the 128/241 labs. Because of this, you may find your assignment in lab does not strictly follow the manual. As we implement new material, you may be asked to perform experiments not found in the manual. This is an ongoing project and we welcome your comments on old and new material. If you find errors or ambiguous material in the lab manuals please bring these to the attention of your instructor so we can correct or modify the manuals as needed. Coordination with Lectures Owing to the fewer weeks that the labs are in session, it is not possible to synchronize all the labs with the lectures. In addition, each lecturer has a somewhat different sequence of topics (and textbook), which always varies from one semester to another. On occasion, the lab experiments may involve a topic that has not yet been covered in lecture—it will be your responsibility to read ahead in your physics textbook at those times. Appropriate background reading is listed in the manual for each chapter; also, the sections labeled Theory in your lab manual will be helpful. Required Materials In addition to the lab manual, you should bring a calculator with trigonometric and logarithmic functions to class. Lab Window The lab window is located at 1241 Randall Lab (just inside the south entrance under the archway) and is the office for the lab supervisor. The lab supervisor is responsible for
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maintaining lab equipment, handling day-to-day problems, and scheduling makeups. If you have problems or concerns with the course or your GSI, you should go to the lab window and speak with the lab supervisor (or contact the faculty supervisors, listed on the first page). Help Room and SLC We have assigned (and staffed) a physics "help" room in 1416 Randall. This room will be available for assistance with both physics lecture and laboratory work. In addition, your GSI's office hours will be held there. For hours and staffing see:
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courseInformationEM - Student Information Introductory...

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