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Laura Hyde, Psych 111 Frank has felt really upset and insecure for most of his life. One day he decides that he should try to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to try to resolve his inner conflicts. His psychiatrist tells him that he needs to uncover his repressed inner conflicts. In order to do so, the psychiatrist tells Frank to say all of his feelings and thoughts. The psychiatrist is using what method to try to uncover Franks repressed inner conflicts? A. Resistance B. Free association C. Transference D. Catharsis The Wyatt family goes on a road trip to Florida every year. Since they live in Michigan, the drive is a grueling 2 days. Each year little Emily gets really car sick during the drive. This year mrs. Wyatt decides to conduct an experiment on Emily and when Emily starts to complain of car sickness, mrs. Wyatt gives her sugar pills, claiming that they are
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Unformatted text preview: special pills to help car sickness. As mrs. Wyatt had theorized, Emily immediately starts to feel better. This effect can be characterized as the… A. Rational-emotive theory. B. Flooding method. C. Placebo effect. D. None of the above. Martha has been really busy with work and has completely forgotten to schedule her monthly hair-dyeing appointment at the local hair salon. One morning she wakes up and realizes that her roots are a completely different color than the rest of her hair. She ties her hair back and goes to work. In work she feels like everyone is staring at her discolored roots. Martha is experiencing the… A. Foot in Door effect. B. Irrational paranoia effect. C. Flooding effect. D. Spot light effect....
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