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ECE 440 Solution Fall 2009 Due: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1. In this problem, we will be partly using a web-based simulations that are contained within the NanoHUB website (a NSF sponsored education and research resource), which can be found at: https://www.nanohub.org/ . You will need to register at this site (look in upper right hand corner of NanoHUB homepage) in order to access the simulation applets. We will particulary use the applet Crystal Viewer found on the NanoHUB to help you visualize semiconductor crystal structures. Please experiment with this applet and become comfortable visualizing semiconductor crystal structures. Use the mouse to manipulate and rotate the crystal as needed. The link to the applet is https://www.nanohub.org/resources/3741 a) In terms of the lattice constant a, what is the distance between the nearestneighbour atoms in a bcc lattice? an fcc lattice? Verify your results using the applet. BCC: Using the Pythagorean theorem the distance from corner to corner is given by: Hence the distance between 2 nearest atom is: d
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FCC: 3D FCC Lattice: 2D Cut: a a Similarly, using Pythagorean theorem the distance between the two nearest atom is half of the length of the face diagonal: b) How many atoms are found inside a unit cell of a simple cubic (sc), body-centered cubic
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hw1_solution_fall09 - ECE 440 Solution Due: Wednesday,...

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