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M408D Spring 2009 Assignment 6 Due Thursday, March 12 Be sure that you have read and understood sections 11.4, 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3 and worked the assigned text exercises before you complete this assignment. You must show sufficient work in order to receive full credit for a problem. Please write legibly and label the problems clearly. Circle your answers when appropriate. Multiple papers must be stapled together. Write your name and the time of your discussion section on each page. Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of the discussion section. 1. Find the area inside the inner loop of the cardoid r = 1 - 2sin θ . 2. Find the length of the curve r = e θ for 0 θ 2 π . 3. Find the equation of the sphere with the property that the line segment
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Unformatted text preview: joining (0 , 4 , 2) and (6 , , 2) is a diameter. 4. An airplane flying at constant altitude has an airspeed of 600 mph. If the pilot is steering the plane in the direction N30 o E (30 o east of north) and the wind is blowing from the northwest (N45 o W) at 50 mph, find the magnitude and direction of the resultant velocity vector. (The direction of the resultant velocity vector is called the true course of the plane and the magnitude is called the ground speed.) 5. (a) Find the angle between the diagonal of a cube and one of its edges. (b) Find the angle between the diagonal of a cube and the diagonal of one of its faces. 1...
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