indian response #2 - Adam Ball AmCult 262 Professor Andrea...

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Unformatted text preview: Adam Ball 1/23/08 AmCult 262 Professor Andrea Smith Response #2 The book Missionary Conquest by George Tinker is a very thought provoking account of the various figures who worked as missionaries but also contributed to the deaths and misfortunes of the various Native American peoples. The other main culprits of this purported genocide were the American Military, trappers, and frontier settlers. Tinker organized his work into four categories, religious, social, economic, and political. Each one of these categories is important because it is a different aspect of Native American society that was affected by the missionaries and the US Government. An example of this is the different ways that Americans made it illegal for the Native Peoples to practice their religious traditions, such as the Ghost Dance. There were also countless instances of American military units wiping out entire villages, women and children included. The main motive for this outlawing of Native American religious traditions was so the Natives could be “civilized” and then converted to Christianity,...
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indian response #2 - Adam Ball AmCult 262 Professor Andrea...

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