chapter 5-1

chapter 5-1 - December 8, 2008 Chapter 5-1-Congressional...

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Unformatted text preview: December 8, 2008 Chapter 5-1-Congressional Membership Vocabulary: 1. Bicameral legislature-a 2-chamber legislature 2. Session-a period of time during which a legislature meets to conduct business 3. Census-a population count 4. Reapportionment-the process of reassigning representation based on population, after every census 5. Redistrict-to set up new lines after reapportionment is complete 6. Gerrymander-to draw a district’s boundaries to gain an advantage in elections 7. at-large- as a whole; for example, statewide 8. Censure-a vote of formal disapproval of a member’s actions 9. Incumbent-elected official that is already in office Notes:-US Congress is a bicameral legislature-2houses-Senate and House of Representatives-Congress plays role in formulating national policies, initiates and approves laws Congressional Sessions:-each congress term starts on Jan 3 of odd-numbered years and lasts 2 years-each term divided into 2 sessions or meetings-session last 1 year and breaks for holidays and vacations-congress remains in session until its members vote to adjourn, neither may adjourn for more than 3 days without approval of the other house-if adjourned, president may call it back for a special session Membership of the House:...
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chapter 5-1 - December 8, 2008 Chapter 5-1-Congressional...

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