Review Sheet Mid-term Fall 2009

Review Sheet Mid-term Fall 2009 - Russo GEOG 100 – Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Russo GEOG 100 – Fall 2009 Mid-term Review Sheet These are the topics you should focus on when preparing for the mid-term. • 5 geographic themes [place, region, location (site/absolute, situation/relative), movement (people, goods, ideas but also natural cycles), human-environment interaction] • Geomorphology (endogenic vs. exogenic processes) • Plate tectonics – how did the theory develop? • Lithospheric plates -- Crust (oceanic/sima & continental/sial); mantle & asthenosphere • 3 types of tectonic forces (compression, tension, shear); Isostasy (isostatic adjustments) • 3 types of plate boundaries (Convergent, Divergent, Transform/ transcurrent) • convergent boundaries landforms • divergent boundary landforms • distribution of volcanoes & earthquakes • weathering (examples of mechanical/ physical & chemical) • Mass wasting/ movement (speed & water content; examples) • 4 agents of erosion (flowing water/fluvial, flowing ice/glacial, wave/coastal, wind/eolian)...
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