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DAG Group - cleaning If not why not If so why have Chris...

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Case Discussion Questions for DAG Group Case (#1-5) 1. How should Chris & Val evaluate Superb as a potential acquisition candidate? Is this the opportunity they have been looking for? Should they make a serious offer? 2. How does this opportunity compare with the prospect of a start-up? What are the trade-offs between the acquisition and start-up routes? Should they just go ahead and open their own store? 3. Is there an opportunity for a new entrant to essentially change the game in dry
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Unformatted text preview: cleaning? If not, why not? If so, why have Chris and Val not been able to capitalize on it yet? Think about how you would answer the following? As Chris or Val, I would now -make a serious offer to the Superb owner, -look for another acquisition, -attempt to start-up a new store, or -give up on the dry cleaning industry altogether)...
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