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Deaver Brown and Cross River Inc. Case Study Questions This case is a bit different than some of the others. It involves Deaver Brown’s planning for and implementation of a sales call to potential buyers of his product. It is intended to highlight issues in the “selling process.” The questions below are to promote thought more than direct your case analyses. 1. How should Deaver Brown plan for his meeting with buyers? How should he execute his plan? 2. What should his objective have been?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What should his aspirations and minimum requirements for price and quantity have been? 4. What objectives should Deaver have anticipated? How should he have planned to deal with them? 5. What should he have assumed about the buyers motivation? 6. What difference would it have made if Deaver had been trying to sell computer systems? 7. Should Deaver have caved in when the buyer demanded a $12/unit price? 8. Was the buyer overly hostile? 9. How do you deal with tough buyers?...
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