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Class 14 Hand in homework Tuesday October 26, 2004 Read: Deaver Brown and Cross River, Inc., HBS case No. 9-394-042 Selling as a Systematic Process (To be handed out) During the class we will role-play. We will have an experienced buyer in class for you to sell. Each of you should prepare to be Deaver Brown and to give your most effective sales pitch. We will select participants at random . . so be ready. 1. After reading the Deaver Brown and Cross River, Inc. case, prepare a ten-minute sales “pitch” for Deaver Brown to make.
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Unformatted text preview: If your surname begins with a letter between A and L prepare your presentation for K-Mart, if between letters M through Z prepare the presentation for Macy’s. Although you may be selected to make a presentation in class, remember that the meeting is taking place in a buyer’s office and you only have 10 minutes. 2. Hand-in a half page outline of your sales presentation. (Include points to be made in the opening, the pitch and the closing.)...
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