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Stacy Devino JOINT JUICE QUESTIONS 1. Students A - D: Evaluate their product promotion? What process would you use to determine whether or not the techniques are worthwhile? You don’t have to do the financial analysis, just describe a process you might use to evaluate the success. They made some poor decisions as far as how to effectively advertise. 1. Target market did not match the distribution 2. Started with large scale promotion (without market research) 3. Did not test product and pricing with consumers 4. Did not market to the correct consumer in California (snow sports even in Southern California) 5. Only focused on Southern California and the Northwest, two different markets 6. Went with in store promotions after the large scale promotion 7. Were making poor decisions as far as profits from promotions 8. Only polled markets and consumer when the product was established and had already expanded. 9. Expanded to too many products too soon 10. Did not understand that the target markets were the elderly and other older groups
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Unformatted text preview: What should have been changed: 1. Try the product in a few stores in a certain location like the Northwest with offering of taste testing. Get feedback on the current product and adjust with maybe offering a lower calorie, sugar-free option for those health conscious users. 2. Make Packets easy to understand on the packaging how they are intended to be used. 3. Focus advertising on the elderly markets and older consumers. The name itself would not appeal to younger users and it is a product that should really only be used by those demographics. Any advertising could be done in the relatively cheap mid-day gameshow market which appeals largely to the 55+ crowd. 4. Market and sell the product in hospitals where the promotion could be done in exchange for some free product to get users hooked and knowledgeable about the product....
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JOINT_JUICE_QUESTIONS - What should have been changed 1 Try...

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