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The purpose of this exercise is to provide you with a concrete understanding of how you use cognitive schemata to organize your perceptions of others. 1) Provide an example of each of the 4 schemata types as they might apply to any one of these groups – Fellow class members, teachers, co-workers, friends, parents, or another group you select. 2) Comment on the personal values (constructs) you overlay on these groups (e.g. attractive-unattractive, kind-unkind.) Are these physical, mental, psychological, or interpersonal qualities? Would different constructs be prominent if you used a
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Unformatted text preview: different prototype to classify these people? 3) Identify the Scripts you typically use to to interact with this/these groups. 4) Discuss the implications of schemata for business communications. This is a NON-graded assignment. It can be as simple and short as you wish, but not exceed 2-3 pages. However I expect enough content to demonstrate your understanding of these principles and some of their implications. Be creative and give these categories and their implications some good thought! SW...
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