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1 1 LECTURE 22 FREE WILL 1 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY 2 The Garden of Forking Paths - Indeterminism - Determinism The Universe Restarted - Indeterminism - Determinism DETERMINISM & INDETERMINISM 1 3 Determinism = Given the causal facts (current state and laws of nature) at a time, there is only one possible future. A complete description of the causal facts at a given time entails that the universe will be a certain way at any future time. Indeterminism = not Determinism. A complete account of the present state of the universe does not uniquely guarantee what the universe will be like at a future time. DETERMINISM & INDETERMINISM 2
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2 4 Not a claim about what we know about the world nor about what we are actually in a position to predict . Some event could be determined even if we don’t know that it is and even if we are unable to predict that it will occur. METAPHYSICS VS. EPISTEMOLOGY 5 We normally think people act "of their own free will," that they freely choose what they will do (or
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