Lab 2 O-Chem

Lab 2 O-Chem - Introduction: Formyl ferrocene is valuable...

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Introduction: Formyl ferrocene is valuable compound in organic chemistry because it is a great compound to use when preparing chiral ligands (Tang). Formyl ferrocene is usually synthesized through a process called the Vilsmeier reaction, however; the yield achieved is very low. Instead of the Vilsmeier method, a new method with better yield was recentley developed in China and this new method was the purpose in this experiment. Whereas the former method relied on the reaction of foerrocene with disubstituted formamides and phophorus oxychloride, this new method was a reaction of ferrocene with triethyl orthoformate and aluminum chloride. It has been found that aromatic solvents were the best solvents to use when reacting with ferrocene (Tang), thus; toluene was the solvent of choice. The ending results of the experiment should yield the formyl ferrocene. In this experiment there were two previously used techniques implemented to analyze the ending results. The first analysis technique used was thin layer-chromatography. TLC is a useful tool where samples of different solutions are placed in one drop sizes at one end of a TLC plate and emersed in a solvent, toluene in this experiment, until the solvent almost reaches the other end. The Rf value is a quantative number that divides how far the spot traveled from the original drop by how far the solvent travelled. These Rf values are a basis of purity because when there are more substituents in a mixture, it is going to travel a different distance than the mixture. Knowing that, TLC can can be used to determine the purity of the finished product by comparing
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Lab 2 O-Chem - Introduction: Formyl ferrocene is valuable...

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