gph exam 31

gph exam 31 - Marble is the metamorphic rock of limestone...

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Oceans – 7 Global Landforms – 8 Rock Types – 10 Fluvial Landforms – 10 Glacial Landforms – 10 Other Landforms – 6 Warm Ocean – Destabilizes the Atmosphere Fetch – Distance over which wind of certain speeds blows Low tides, High tide, Coriolis effect Climate Effects of Ocean Currents Salt water evaporates – Salt gets left behind Global Landforms Atlantic sea floor is currently spreading apart Large convections currents cause break-up of the super continent Subduction Zone – One plate dives below another plate Along the edges of plate boundary – earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions Anticline and Syncline – How rocks are folded Faults – Normal, Reverse Continents are made up of a less dense material the ocean What evidence is there for the movements of the continents? Rock Types Corsite is the metamorphic rock of sandstone
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Unformatted text preview: Marble is the metamorphic rock of limestone Ex: Limestone is an example of what type of rock? Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Igneous Earths surface: Sedimentary Earths crust: Igenous Metamorphic rocks form from previous rocks Easiest to erode: Sedimentary Hardest to erode: Metamorphic Describe the two types of igneous rocks Extrusive, Intrusive Describe the Rock Cycle Fluvial Landforms All associated with water V-Shaped valley Waterfalls Aggraded stream Balanced between amt. of water deposited and eroded Outter bend stream flows fastest, more erosion Stream order increases when two links intersect Meandering river oxbow lake, meandering scar, etc Describe the life cycle of a stream (6 minutes) What were Hortons laws Glacial Landforms...
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gph exam 31 - Marble is the metamorphic rock of limestone...

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