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Ch5.12 - ACTIVITY TIMES 3-TIME ESTIMATE Activity Federal...

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ACTIVITY TIMES IMMEDIATE 3-TIME ESTIMATE PREDECESSORS Activity Node a m b μ σ Node Predecessor Federal Funding A 16 4 C A State Funding B 28 4 D A Design Freeway C 14 4 E B Design Bridges D 22 4 E C Build Soundwalls E 12 4 F B Southbound Lanes F 26 4 F C Transition Roads G 18 4 G D Build Bridges H 50 4 G E Northbound Lanes I 44 4 H D H E I F I G KNOWN μ and σ
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CRITICAL PATH ANALYSIS MEAN 104 STANDARD DEVIATION* 8.94 * Assumes all critical activities are on one critical path VARIANCE* 80 PROBABILITY COMPLETE BEFORE 108 = 0.672640 Acitivty Node Critical μ σ ES EF LS LF Slack Federal Funding A * 16 4 16 0 16 0 16
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  • Spring '09
  • tannous
  • Harshad number, C D E F G H, D E E F F G G, C B C D E D E F, Bridges Northbound Lanes, Southbound Lanes Transition

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