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Unformatted text preview: The technical phenomenon, embracing all the separate techniques, forms a unified whole. ► Technique is its Use Everything hangs together in the technical world. It has often been said that “it is not the technique that is wrong, but the use men make of it.” But, for Ellul, there is no difference between technique and its use (it is not about “misuses”). Everything which is technique is necessarily used as soon as it is available, without distinction of good or evil. Universalism Universalism ► Technique is the same all over the world ► Technical invasion (through commerce and war) ► Technical civilization and Globalization “Technical invasion does not involve the simple addition of new values to old ones. It does not put new wine into old bottles; it does not introduce new content into old forms. The old bottles are all being broken. The old civilizations collapse on contact with the new.” “Technique cannot be otherwise than totalitarian.” Technical civilization has taken over the whole of civilization. Globaliza...
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  • Spring '08
  • LauChong-Fuk
  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY, Technocracy Technocracy, Technical civilization, Civilization Technical Civilization

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