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Unformatted text preview: Rethinking Modern Technology xc “ “** ¶ Lau Chong­Fuk 2008­09 First Term Lecture 8 Technological Rationality What is Reason? What is Reason? ► Reason ( � ) as the distinctive feature of human beings ► Modernity and Instrumental Rationality Aristotle: Man is rational animal. Reason is good for: logical thinking, knowledge acquisition, problem solving, decision making, goal setting, moral choice, directing one’s life. Instrumental rationality as a restricted form of rationality is considered the distinctive feature of modern Western civilization. ► Modernization of Western Society Modernization and Modernization Rationalization ► Instrumental Rationality Max Weber ( � , German sociologist 1864­ 1920): Disenchantment ( � ) of the world From a mystical to a mechanical worldview – a world without intrinsic value and telos Elimination of the final cause ( � � ) through the efficient cause ( � � ) Reason is reduced to an instrument in the sense of a neutral, “value free” calculati...
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