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Unformatted text preview: ve power. Rational grounds exist for the selection of means to ends and the assessment of the consistency of the choices of ends, but NOT for ultimate value choices. Modernization and Technology Modernization and Technology ► A modernized society is “technological” in the sense that it use and products many hi­tech products, and it operates on the basis of clearly and rigidly defined rules, procedures and mechanisms. Modernization Weber: The increasing rationalization of human life traps individuals in an "iron cage" of rule­based, rational control. Rationalization Technologization Technocracy Technocracy ► Technocracy ( ► Platonic ( compared with “democracy” (rule by the demos, i.e., the people) The ideal state is the one ruled by the philosopher king who is wisest and most knowledgeable. A social movement mainly in 1920s­30s, advocating an ideal form of society through science and widespread use of technology. The movement symbolizes the enthusiastic optimism toward science and technology at the early 20th Century. � �¶ � ): rule by technical experts � � ) Background ► Technocratic Movement Ellul’s Critique of Technique Ellul’s Critique of Technique Ellul’s Critique of Technique ► Jacques Ellul ( ► Characteristics of Modern Technology A French philosopher and sociologist (1912­94) A major critic of technological optimism Rationality ( � ) Artificiality ( � ) Automatism ( � ) Self­Augme...
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