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Unformatted text preview: t one, presupposing that all factors are calculable, measurable and objective. ► Maximum efficiency is the golden rule! ► Assumed that technical is better than nontechnical. ► Everything that is not technique is being eliminated. ► Human is no longer an agent of choice (cannot refuse technology, nor return to old, traditional or personal means). Self­Augmentation Self­Augmentation ► ► ► Modern technology is no longer the work of a genius, but a managed team, a joint effort of thousands of technicians. Technology is a self­generating process. Two laws: A new technology makes many other new technologies possible. ► ► Unevenness of technical development between developed & developing countries, between educated & uneducated people. New problems are also generated according to a geometric progression! In a given civilization, technical progress is irreversible. Technical progress tends to act, not according to an arithmetic, but according to a geometric progression. Monism/Holism Monism/Holism ...
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