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Meansandinstrumentstotheschemaoflogic artificiality

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Unformatted text preview: ntation ( � �¶ � ) Monism/Holism ( � / � ) Universalism ( � ) Autonomy ( � ) � / �� ) Rationality Rationality ► Systematization, division of labor, creation of standards, production norms ► Mathematization, Quantification ► Implications: Exclusion of spontaneity and personal creativity Reduction of method to its logical dimension alone (reduction of facts, forces, phenomena, means, and instruments to the schema of logic) Artificiality Artificiality ► The creation of an artificial system opposed to nature ► Technology destroys, eliminates, or subordinates the natural world and does not allow this world to restore itself ► We are approaching the time when there will be no Hydroelectric installations replace waterfalls longer any natural environment at all Natural environments are developed into tourist resorts. Night disappears and perpetual day reigns over the planet! Automatism of Technical Choice Automatism of ► Always aimed at the best and the most efficien...
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  • Spring '08
  • LauChong-Fuk
  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY, Technocracy Technocracy, Technical civilization, Civilization Technical Civilization

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