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20095ee10_1_HW 2_edition8 - abs (device) = 298.6875 W 6)...

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UCLA E LECTRICAL  E NGINEERING  D EPARTMENT :  EE 10: C IRCUIT  A NALYSIS  1   HOMEWORK 2 : Problems from Textbook: with Selected Numerical Answers 1) 2.23 R = 15   (show that this is correct be demonstrating that the sum of all absorbed  power for all components is zero). 2) 2.24  3) 3.26 v o  = 33.75V 4) 3.27 i g  = 15A, i o  = 7.5 A (show that this is correct be demonstrating that the sum of all  absorbed power for all components is zero). 5) 3.55  v x  =  45V, P
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Unformatted text preview: abs (device) = 298.6875 W 6) 3.53 7) 3.59 a) i O = 96 mA, b) i 1 = 48 mA, c) i 2 = 600 mA, d) P del = 72.96 W Check eeweb for general update and hints on homework You should have received several e-mails from your instructor at this time. If you have not received these, please ensure that your e-mail address is properly registered with the MyUCLA system and eeweb sysrem 1...
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