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chapter 2 notes - Avoid the words I and WE Be positive”...

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The “you” attitude A write/speaker must project empathy in business messages. Imagine yourself in the receiver’s position Understanding is key The emphasis is on the receiver, not the sender This created goodwill, even in difficult situations Ways to show the you attitude Use a positive tone Use positive words Select gender free terms Respond to messages promptly Instead of I will issue you a credit for 52.32 on December Say it You will receive a 52.32 credit on December Instead We will provide free event shirts for all volunteers Say All volunteers will receive an event shirt at the race Instead After sep. 15, the registrar will drop all students who have not signed and returned the proper forms Say Please protect your enrollment: sign the proper forms by sept 15 Instead We require a 300 minimum balance in order for customers to receive free check
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Say When you maintain a 300 minimum balance in your checking, you receive free checks.
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Unformatted text preview: Avoid the words I and WE Be positive” avoid using the words: • No • Complaint • Criticize • Not • Fear • Blame • Failed • Doubt • Never • Sorry Instead Never allow customers to shop without first greeting them Say Always greet customers as soon as they enter the store Instead We do not make exchanges for purchases without the receipts Say With you receipt, you may exchange any purchase This requires looking at how your message will be received by the audience. Once you have made the change, it is actually quite simple. Quiz Please provide us the rates of your delivery service. Your new statement is now easier to read. Thank you for choosing the new orion e-scanner. You should receive your order on Thursday. You have earned a bonus for your energy-saving suggestions....
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