The Six Cs - The Six Cs of Effective Messages Revise...

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The Six C’s of Effective Messages Revise messages to reflect courtesy . Revise messages to enhance clarity . Apply techniques that ensure concise messages. Make messages concrete by providing specific information. Review messages for correct content, mechanics, and appearance. Determine whether a message meets the completeness criteria of who, what, when, where, why and how. Courtesy Promote goodwill, a feeling of confidence based on honesty and reliable service. Show concern for the intended receiver. Develop the you attitude. Use positive words Select gender-free terms Respond to messages promptly Courtesy Develop the you attitude Project empathy Replace I or We with You or Your Address the receiver by name User positive words Positive words show respect State what can be done not what cannot be done Select Gender-free terms Gender free terms give groups equal status and respect Stereotypes offend readers and lessen opportunities to create goodwill. Respond to messages promptly
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The Six Cs - The Six Cs of Effective Messages Revise...

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