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Lab 1-Types of Reactions
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Chem 124 Fall 2009 Name Computer # Types of Reactions Perform all the reactions listed in the procedure and write your observations for each: write either the evidence for a reaction (such as bubbles, heat, precipitate, changed from blue to yellow etc.) or NR for “No Reaction”. For each reaction that was observed to occur , write out the formulas for reactants and resulting products, and balance each chemical equation. Use appropriate state labels (“s” for solid, “aq” for aqueous solution, etc). (NOTE: you may need to consult solubility rules in order to determine what the solid is that forms in some exchange reactions). For reactants that you observe to NOT REACT, write out just the reactant formulas and then write “NR” after the arrow to signify “no reaction.” For each reaction that occurred, classify the reaction type using the following initials: C for Composition, Dec for Decomposition, M for Metathesis, and SD for Single Displacement. Reactants
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