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Lab 3 - Heat of Combustion

Lab 3 - Heat of Combustion - Chem 124 Fall 2009 Dr Retsek...

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Chem 124 Dr. Retsek Fall 2009 Name: Paul Bhoot Computer # 05 Partner: Jay Oonnunny Assigned Metal: Magnesium The Heat of Combustion of Metals Instructions: Each person is to submit an individual report after performing the experiment with your partner. This report is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 14 th . You are to fill in the appropriate spaces using Microsoft Word to create a clear and informative report. To draw attention to your answers, you may want to use color or bold type . Be sure to keep your answers and graphs within the allotted spaces (some resizing may be necessary on your part). You will turn in a hard copy of this report. Part 1. Original Data A. Fill in your data from the three experimental trials in the tables below. This table does not replace the table you should also have in your lab notebook, where you should write down your data as you collect it. You must also turn in your copy of this data from your notebook. Title these tables appropriately (in the space below)! Magnesium and Hydrochloric Acid Trial Mass of metal Mass of HCl/H 2 O T initial T final q of reaction H reaction in kJ/mole metal 1 .035 g 21.77 g 19.7° C 26.7° C -637.6 kJ
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