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sample midterm 2009 - 9.0 km 30 degrees E of S, then 8.0 km...

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Phy 125 Midterm I 10/12/07 Show  all  of your work to receive full credit 1.    A cannon ball is fired  horizontally  from the top of a hill 500m above a level valley. The initial velocity of the cannon ball is 200 m/s. Find: a.   The time the ball is in the air before  hitting the ground in the valley. b.   The horizontal distance  from the cannon to the point the ball hits the  ground. c.   The magnitude  and direction of the velocity of the ball just before it hits the ground. 2.   During a  hike a student proceeds as follows: 6.0 km 45 degrees N of E, then 
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Unformatted text preview: 9.0 km 30 degrees E of S, then 8.0 km due W, then 10.0 km 30 degrees W of N. At the end of this hike how far is the student from her starting point? In what direction? [specify angle] 3. Starting from rest a motorist accelerates at 2.00 m/s for 8.00 sec. then goes at constant velocity for 30.0 sec. He then brakes for a red light and stops in 40.0 m. Find: a. The acceleration during braking. [assume constant] b. The total distance covered in the sequence. c. The total time taken from start to stop....
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