7 - took over Roman civilization In the East, the Romans...

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imperialism- precept 3 07/10/2008 10:21:00 When the Romans go East in battle and defeat Philip, they bring back enough  wealth so that the Roman people did not have to pay direct taxes anymore. Interest in the East: Revenge, Their enemies were the allies of Hannibal Wealth, great wealth in the East, see above Hannibal (d. 183) Slaves, Romans bring back many skilled, intelligent slaves for tutors, workers Paranoia, balance of power, Romans worried that if Phillip was able to take  over Greece in his quest to build an empire rivaling Alexander, he might turn  on Rome next Greece, having been captured, captured its savage conqueror- Horace What he means is that after the Romans took over Greece, Greek culture 
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Unformatted text preview: took over Roman civilization In the East, the Romans arent really looking to take over, not looking for conquest. In the West on the other hand, they incorporated the people and cities into Roman lands Imperialism in both cases, but in the west they are extending their borders, while in the East they extend their spheres of influence. Romans leave the Greeks to govern themselves, with Roman approved govts and as long as they dont offend the Romans Why didnt they just take over Greece? o Tough to do so, very far away, takes them some time to figure out how to rule an empire 07/10/2008 10:21:00 07/10/2008 10:21:00...
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7 - took over Roman civilization In the East, the Romans...

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