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14/10/2008 10:16:00 Imperialism in the West Very different from the East Lots of continual fighting with the native people, never really subdued  completely Rome had to take a much more direct approach to governance, no central  governments to ally themselves with, they had to set up a Roman base and  rule directly 3 rd  punic war o caused by the king of Numidia, who takes much land from Carthage,  eventually tempting them to fight, which causes Carthage to break a  treaty with Rome, giving Rome an excuse to completely destroy  Carthage o Rome demands that Carthage completely destroy their city, and move  at least 10 miles inland, which would ruin them since they are a trading  people reliant on the Mediterranean trade by sea, and so they would 
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Unformatted text preview: lose their main source of income. • Cato o Very conservative man o Very frugal o First in his family to hold public office, “new man”, made his own fortune o Wrote in Latin, first historian to do this, wrote on Roman history. Wrote origins , a history of Rome from the beginning as well as other important cities of the region, starring himself as the genius, no names for anyone else in his writings o Hated all things Greek, maybe he actually believed their culture was corrupting Rome, maybe it was an inferiority complex, maybe he just thought that Greek culture was only okay for Greeks, didn’t work for Romans o...
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