11 - Roman Family 13:34:00 ← What is family • From the...

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Unformatted text preview: Roman Family 11/10/2007 13:34:00 ← What is family? • From the latin word familia, basically the same word, with the same meaning • The only real difference is that with us, family means a smaller, close knit group of related people, while the Romans associated it with a property and power base of a given family • The Pater (father) had an immense amount of power o He had the power or right of life and death over his children, at their birth, the father had the choice to keep or terminate the baby for any reason o As long as he is alive, the father can exercise an enormous amount of power over his children, and they are minors subject to his authority. Even those who marry into the family is under the same authority. No matter what age, in relation to the father they are considered children. No matter what age, if your father is alive you can’t make any real business decisions or such without his approval. The power of the father passes down and down, until it reaches a female o This creates a serious sense of male lineage, and male authority, and...
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11 - Roman Family 13:34:00 ← What is family • From the...

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