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Study Guide: Quiz #2 Lend-Lease Aid- introduced by fdr 12/1940, passed 3/1941. to guarantee FDR’s 4 freedoms, we would lend or lease Britain any materials neede, but law made it nonspecific as to what nations got aid. Eventually more than $50 billion in aid approved. Placed US on international course, beginning of WWII involvement against axis. Atlantic Charter- august 1941 pre-pearl harbor Churchill/FDR meeting on british battleship off newfoundland, war aims. Anglo-american rapprochement. Principles can be traced back to Wilson idealism and forward to UN founding: no aggression, collective security system, freedom of seas, free trade. Virtual alliance against axis powers. Morgenthau plan – fall 1944, treasury secretary, dismemberment and elimination of war potential after two world wars originated there. reduce germany to pastoral state, defeated nation. Destroy industrial capacity. Part of debate among allies on what to do with germany postwar. Truman disagreed, recognizing that a rebuilt germany was key to European economic revitalization, and he fired morgenthau. Bretton Woods Conference- UN monetary and financial conference in new Hampshire, 7/1944. established IMF and World Bank. Assisted countries hurting from trade imbalances and helped postwar reconstruction, bank staffs dominated by American personnel. Would reestablish financial stability and trade based on US dollar and US dominance. Political objectives in shaping postwar order, promoting stability and preventing communism. “Cold War and Containment” Long Telegram (1946) *Definition ~ sent by George F. Kennan to the State Department in response to Stalin’s speech two weeks earlier on the incompatibility of communism and capitalism ~ explained why the Soviets behaved the way they did ~Soviets saw world divided into hostile communist and capitalist pieces between which there could be no peace ~thought capitalism would collapse under weight of internal contradictions, to be replaced by socialism ~Marxism was the fig leaf of their moral and intellectual respectability ~ argued that the United States should develop countermeasures to counter Soviet expansionism, but without a military approach *Significance ~ this diplomatic dispatch was actually read by the president (Truman), who found it unlocked the mystery of Soviet foreign policy ~ pushed Kennan into a prominent position- went on to serve as head of State Department’s Policy Planning Staff ~ laid groundwork for helping to establishing policy of “containment”
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Truman Doctrine (1947) *Definition ~ came about from announcement by Britain that they would no longer pay to support Greek and Turkish efforts at fighting domestic leftist uprisings ~ Americans aware of rising threat of Communism in both states ~ Acheson came up with domino theory- if Greece and Turkey were to fall then Communism would likely spread ~ Truman addressed Congress and American public, stressing severity of the situation by “scaring the hell out of the country”
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my_guide_2 - Study Guide: Quiz #2 Lend-Lease Aid-...

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