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lecture-week1policies - Course Information CprE 288...

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9/2/2008 1 CprE 288: Introduction to Embedded Systems 1 Akhilesh Tyagi Fall 2008 Iowa State University Course Information Instructor Akhilesh Tyagi Contact info : [email protected], Office Hours : TBA; 391B Durham, 2 or by appointments (send me email) TA Mark Tannian (Lab development) TBA(Lab, lab and homework grading) Text and References Text : None. Other references books Barnett, Cox, O'Cull, "Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR" 2nd edition Thompson 3 and the Atmel AVR , 2nd edition, Thompson, 2007. Online references will be very useful and are linked from the class web site Class notes on certain topics are available on the web and will be referenced Learning Objectives Understand computer hardware as a system programmer Introduce you to the use of microcontroller in control systems 4 Understand basic concepts of embedded processors microcontrollers Basic hardware and software debugging Understand the Atmel processor architecture Learning Objectives Program in C language for embedded systems Understand basic computing concepts such as interrupts, Interrupt Service Routines, and I/O subsystems 5 Understand computer hardware Be able to work with, program, and design basic embedded systems Understand how C is converted to assembly code Course Outline Introduction to Embedded Systems and Microcontroller C programming for embedded systems AVR Assembly programming 6 AVR Assembly programming Translating C programs into assembly programs Interrupt handling Timer Processing Unit and other I/O devices
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9/2/2008 2 Laboratory Lab attendance required . Automatically fail a lab and course by missing it If you need to miss a lab for medical or emergency reasons, inform the TA and the instructor 7 2041 Coover, know your lab time No lab during the first week of classes! Course Policies Class attendance is not required Participate in class discussions 8 Grading WebCT will be used for grade distribution Homework: 15% Regular Laboratory Exercises: 25% 9 Laboratory Project: 15% Midterm exams: 45% Academic Honesty Work independently Seek peer help to better your knowledge and skills rather than your grades Good questions: 10 “Why is ATMega128 a microcontroller…” “How to turn on the iRobot…” Bad questions: “Can you show me your answer for question …” Notes on CPRE 288 CPRE 288 is a relatively new course First offer in Fall 2007 Based on previous CPRE 211: Similar coverage, brand new labs, revised lecture notes Your patience is appreciated!
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lecture-week1policies - Course Information CprE 288...

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