SyllabusPOL4481word - POL 4481/5481 Government and Markets...

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POL 4481/5481 Professor John R. Freeman Government and Markets 1246B Social Sciences Bldg Spring 2009; 3/4 credits 612-624-6018 TTh 11:15am-12:30pm [email protected] 250 Blegen Hall Office hours: Meeting by arrangement—email me! Teaching Assistant: Jonas Bunte [email protected] Office hours: - Tuesday, 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm - By appointment (email me) Room 1282 (12th Floor of the Social Science Tower) This course addresses the question of whether democracy and markets are compatible, whether democratic institutions enhance (undermine) the workings of markets institutions and vice versa. Competing theoretical perspectives in the field of political economy are critically evaluated. And the experiences of countries with different forms of democratic market systems are studied. Among the topics singled out for in-depth investigation are the economics of voting, politics of money management, political business cycles, and the politics of trade. Requirements Students are expected to complete the assigned reading before the indicated class sessions and to participate in class discussions. As regards written work, students taking POL4481 for 3 credits must write the two mid-term examinations and a final exam. Students taking POL4481 for 4 credits must write the two mid-term examinations, the final examination, and a review essay. The review essay is an 6-8 page paper critically evaluating 5-6 assigned readings from a pair of (or, if the student desires, three) sections D-I on the syllabus. At least two readings must come from each of the selected sections. An example would be the Fair and Mughan readings from section D and both Busch and Reinhardt articles and the Scheve and Slaughter readings from section H. Another example would be Iversen and Wren and the Pontusson readings from section E, the Iversen and Jackman readings from section G, and the Freeman article (2002) from section I. More will be said about this paper in class. A 15-20 page term paper and all three examinations must be written by students taking
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SyllabusPOL4481word - POL 4481/5481 Government and Markets...

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