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1 ECO 324Y1 E CONOMIC D EVELOPMENT University of Toronto Department of Economics Fall 2009 – Spring 2010 Lectures: Monday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Sidney Smith Hall (100 St. George St.), Room 1087 Professor Gustavo J. Bobonis Phone: 416-946-5299 Department of Economics E-mail: [email protected] Max Gluskin House 150 Saint George Street, Room 304 Office hours: Tuesday 3:00-5:00pm COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides a survey of current economic issues faced by less developed countries and an introduction to the study of development economics. The course has two main objectives: (i) to critically examine the major debates in the problems of international economic development and (ii) to integrate economic theory and empirical analysis to answer questions pertinent to economic policy in developing economies. A lot of attention will be paid to contemporary issues and policy aspects. We will cover the following topics in detail: the concepts and measurements of economic development; theories of economic growth and development; the ‘ultimate’ determinants of economic development – the geography vs. institutions debate; human capital (education and health); credit and insurance; gender and development; public goods provision; the role of the state in development; international trade policy; the foreign aid debate. The course assumes a strong grounding in intermediate microeconomics, macroeconomics, and basic statistics. Given the empirical emphasis of the material, knowledge of basic econometrics will also be essential, though some of the most important econometric results will be reviewed in class. We will also review basic concepts in game theory in class and tutorials. PREREQUISITES Microeconomic Theory – ECO200Y/206Y Macroeconomic Theory – ECO202Y/208Y/209Y Quantitative Methods in Economics – ECO220Y/227Y/ STA (250H, 255H) / (257H, 261H) Note: Prerequisites are strictly checked and enforced and must be completed before taking this course. By taking this course you acknowledge that you will be removed from the course at anytime if you do not meet all requirements set by the Department of Economics. Please talk to Ms. Robbie Innes (Undergraduate Administrator, Department of Economics) if you have any doubt about whether you meet the requirements. I expect that you will be able to perform basic calculus (i.e., take simple partial derivatives) and have a basic understanding of game theory. The TA will offer a brief review.
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2 COURSE MATERIALS Required Readings: Articles and book chapters listed in the Course Outline and Readings Section will be linked to the course website as necessary. Required Textbook: Ray, Debraj. Development Economics . Princeton, NH: Princeton University Press. 1998. The textbook is available at the Short-Term Loan Service at the Robarts Library (4th Floor) in a very
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syllabus_ECO324Y1_f09s10 - ECO 324Y1 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT...

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