Midterm Review Fall 07

Midterm Review Fall 07 - The midterm exam is comprised...

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The midterm exam is comprised entirely of multiple-choice questions. Be familiar with—and able to describe—the following concepts: The doctrine of the separate spheres (what is it? Provide historical examples) o The idea that women are inherently designed to serve men. It’s also the idea that women belong in the home and men belong in the work place. Women = Dependant, Men = Dominate The Femme Covert o Husbands were entitled to any property or wealth the woman brought to the marriage, any wages she earned or bequests or gifts that she received o Even if the couple was living apart and the husband was "in a state of adultery," he retained his right to control his wife's personal property, including her earnings. o The husband was the absolute master of his wife's real estate. o A married women could not enter into contracts, sue or be sued without her husband in joinder. Essentialism/Relativism, Sameness/Difference (descriptions, arguments for/against) o Sameness We should attempt to change that system of socialization and treat men and women the same o Difference We should accept and accommodate for those differences Equality ≠ Sameness, Certain rights and responsibilities are gender specific Women and men should have equal rights and responsibilities (I.e. the same) Cultural Feminism/Liberal feminism (descriptions and examples of each) o Liberal Feminism Women are fundamentally the same as men Differences between men and women are largely social, though biology does affect them Focusing on the ways that women are different from men leads us to
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Midterm Review Fall 07 - The midterm exam is comprised...

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