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2.2 Cost leadership: institutional food services, such as Sodexho, provide meal service to college campuses and similar institutions. Such firms often get their contracts by being low bidder to provide service. Response: a catering firm (the customer picks the menu, time, and date). Differentiation: virtually all restaurants seek differentiation in menu, in taste, in service. This is particularly true of fine dining restaurants, but also true of fast food restaurants. For instance, Burger King likes to talk about meals “anyway you what them,” and McDonald’s has a playground for children. 2.4 Arrow; Bidermann International, France Lotus Autos; Proton, Malaysia Firestone Tires; Bridgestone, Japan Godiva Chocolate; Campbell Soup, U.S. Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream; great globalization discussion ex- ample: Haagen-Dazs was established in New York City; now owned by Pillsbury (U.S.A.) which is owned by General Mills (U.S.A.), but Nestl é SA (Switzerland) is licensed to sell Haagen-Dazs in the U.S.
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