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EXTENDED LEARNING MODULE I BUILDING AN E-PORTFOLIO Student Learning Outcomes Describe the types of electronic résumés and specify when each is appropriate. Discuss networking strategies you can use during a job search. Explain how self-assessment is valuable to résumé writing. Use the Internet to research career opportunities and potential employers. Develop powerful job search e-portfolio content. Document effective Web site structure and design components. Create a job search e-portfolio Web site and place it on an Internet server. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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I .2 Extended Learning Module I Introduction Welcome to the 21st century—the anytime, anywhere job market. In this information age, Internet technology has undoubtedly had an impact on résumé development, job networking, and their effectiveness in uncovering hidden job opportunities. The Internet provides instant access to job-market intelligence, such as: who is hiring, what skills are in demand, and how much those skills are worth—24 hours a day. For the first time ever, individual job seekers have access to the same information once available only to corpo- rate insiders and recruiters. Although there are many forms of electronic recruitment, this module will concen- trate on electronic documents that you as a potential employee need to have prepared to compete in today’s electronic job market. The final product will be an electronic portfo- lio designed to help you successfully promote yourself in the electronic job market. In this module, we assume that you are familiar with the Internet and research tools and have at least a little knowledge of HTML. For a review of the Internet, see Extended Learning Module B. For a review of HTML, refer to Extended Learning Module F. To learn to build an electronic portfolio using FrontPage, see Extended Learning Module L. The Electronic Job Market—Extending Your Reach The online recruiting industry has been developing for several years and is poised for explosive growth. It happens all the time. A new industry forms and simmers for a while, and then someone discovers the last piece of the puzzle, the missing link that explodes the industry out of its infancy, into the limelight, and into the mainstream. Since the early 1990s the term electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) has been described in a range of ways, with most recognizing the primary role of information and commu- nications technologies in describing the “e.” Common to most definitions is the rela- tionship with paper-based portfolios (or résumés) that have traditionally been used as documented evidence of experience and achievement. Formally, an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) is a cohesive, powerful, and well-designed collection of electronic docu- ments that demonstrate your skills, education, professional development, and the ben- efits you offer to a hiring organization.
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