ANT102-10-06-09 - 10/06/09 Assignment: Read "Forest...

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10/06/09 Assignment: Read “Forest Development the Indian Way” Reminders -Quiz Two, Thurs, Oct. 13 Review Session Thurs. Oct 8 6pm,SRS 5 th Fl. Lounge Today Indigenes today -more small-scale societies are being eradictied or absorbed into modern ways of life Literacy/medicine are advantages to culture change, the result is cultural anthropologists have begun to study states and nations in modern societies -different social organizations and different state systems, most states are very complex, not always bigger than a small-scale social organization -the whole world’s population were thousands of small scale societies, the whole world is divided into only 200 states and all tribes or bands now exist in states -we must study these small-scale societies to study who we are Horticultural Societies -still 250 million horticulturalists, disappearing fast because of tropical forests being cut down, all are marginalized -both horticultural and pastoralist people are considered to be tribal What is Horticulture? -small scale planting and cultivating; simple, low tech, digging stick and the hoe (farming-sounds too grand) most don’t have any work animals or plows/fertilizers or terracing, most don’t have any irrigation system (may be some exceptions), like pastoralism it is a more secure way of life, most crops are manioc (kasava) or tapioca pudding!
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ANT102-10-06-09 - 10/06/09 Assignment: Read "Forest...

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