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Assignments: Quiz Results Today Today Kinship – family relationships Descents – family relationships among those who consider themselves biologically linked -Kinship rules – who is related to whom and who is not, anthropologists think it is to provide every individual in a society with a specific place in their group and a specific role to play (son/sister) -Kinship varies wildly, matters a lot more in non-western cultures vs. western/westernized societies, in non-western societies can determine your status, your job, who you can marry Kinship and Descent (cont.) Social Implications of unilineal descent -60%, almost two thirds of the societies use unilineal descent Cognate Descent groups What are Lineages and Clans? What is the difference? -Unilineal descent systems produce clans or lineages, determined corporate descent groups (persist from generation to generation, even though people die or exist in), Often control resources and property in common and share it (we often don’t share property like houses with our family) Lineage- both group of relatives, living and deceased, can trace their descent to a known common ancestor (only as big as collective memory of genealogical, size of lineage determined by this) Clan –also a corporate unilineal descent group, living and dead, all believe were
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ANT-102-10-15 - Assignments: Quiz Results Today Today K...

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