ANT-102-10-1309 - Assignment "Uterine Families and the...

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Assignment “Uterine Families and the Women’s Community” Today Kinship and Descent What is Kinship and Descent? - Family relationships, based on either biology or marriage (the term blood relative, prior to discovery of genes, con sanguine, Latin for ‘with blood’, affine = related by marriage) -Kinship system-all a society’s rules jointly held by either blood or marriage (one society may have a rule against marrying first cousins, other societies may allow it) -Descent – family relationships among people who consider themselves to be related biologically from one generation to another because of common ancestry (a cultural invention) Where do Kinship and Descent come from? -People’s way of playing out/interpreting these two universal experiences that produce family relationships (it is a human/cultural invention) What is the definition of marriage? Marriage – the social recognized mating of two people, also places that individual into a context in that society, creates relationship
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ANT-102-10-1309 - Assignment "Uterine Families and the...

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