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ANT 102-9-17 - Assignment Spradley"Ethnography and Culture...

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9/17/09 Assignment Spradley “Ethnography and Culture” Reminders Quiz grades posted on Blackboard site Attendance today Today Result of Quiz 1 Methods What is Fieldwork? -19 th century Anthropology of cultural evolution, their theories were proved false, investigate many cultures of different kinds, Anthropologist’s theories post armchair come from What is an Ethnographer -term for anthropological dig collection data about a culture Ethnography -data collected about a particular culture, analyzed information Participant Observation -The fieldworker participates with everything they can with the culture ,i.e. lives with the culture and communicates with the people in their language, eats their food and customs , they can never be an insider, participate as fully as possible “Culture Shock”
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-disorientating feeling of confusion, different climate, strange faces and ideas, foreign feeling of a culture to you, when they become more comfortable, they start to see from the ennic point of view
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