ANT 102-9-22-09

ANT 102-9-22-09 - Assignments Lee "The Hunters" Reminders...

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Assignments Lee “The Hunters” Reminders Today When first anthropologists went to study people, they looked for people unexposed to the world and primitive, small technologically simpler cultures, immerse themselves in the culture, trying not to impact the people, an anthropologist will invevitably leave an influence on a culture -now it is very hard to find a group that are not exposed because of globalization -academic ethnographer will attempt to help the culture if asked -arrangement between the two cultures should be a reciporcal relationship Is it possible to divide societies into types? -If the answer if yes, what different types of human societies are there (If we can categorize groups, it would make it much easier)? -it could be group size, location, economy, political systems , gives us a theoretical framework for studying societies (i.e. nurtition is categorized as different types, meats, fruits, vegetables) Fieldworker’s Impact Classification of Societies by subsistence adaption -A way of creating and maintaining a satisfactory lifestyle, a strategy for work, and perpetuate it into the future (reproduce) Pre-Industrial subsistence adaptations (Part I)
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ANT 102-9-22-09 - Assignments Lee "The Hunters" Reminders...

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