ANT 102-10-01-09

ANT 102-10-01-09 - 10/01/09 Assignment Bohamnan...

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10/01/09 Assignment Bohamnan “Shakespeare in the Bush” Size of Hunter and Gatherer Groups (Demography) Why do we do some of the things we still do today? -Will come up multiple times, group size has everything to do with the adaption of subsistence and the environment -25-50, 60 people max, no matter what environment, -culture is what makes human unique in terms of demography, enormous potential to have human population growth, can grow exponentially under the right circumstances density and the distribution of the population = demography -why didn’t the population increase in hunters and gatherers? It seems to have been a cultural idea, a matter of choice in the tribe, no cultural reason to increase the size of children (no need for numbers of warriors or laborers in egalitarian society) maximum density that could be supported in years Fissioning, birth control (every society knows the origin of humans and fertility regulation) , -breast feeding tends to inhibit ovulation and less likely to become pregnant -Absistence and taboos between husbands and wives of sex after a child is born -Certain environmental factors function as birth control, low weight, fat diet and heavy
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ANT 102-10-01-09 - 10/01/09 Assignment Bohamnan...

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