PHI101-9-24 - Socrates' Response to Glaucon 09/24/09...

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Socrates’ Response to Glaucon 09/24/09 -Socrates wants to focus on justice on a large scale society in the broad sense then to justice in the sense of individuals -republic is born out of human needs for society, different people have different skills, no one is completely self-sufficient (farmers can farm but they need tools, so there need to be toolmakers) -trade needs to exist, importation, so we need surplus of goods -It should be a republic of wealth and comfort, that is where injustice and justice comes into play, we will need more land, more labor (servants, craftman, tutors, hunters, braiders, artisans, actors) we need more food then and more land to grow it on, we will go to war to acquire that land -need for professional soldiers, because one man cannot do many jobs, but rather one job naturally and best -high spirit makes one courageous, soldier must be fast perceptive and strong -people with high spirit are likely to be aggressive to another and hostile, we must make them gentle to friends and dangerous to enemies, we must find guards with this ability (it is found in animals like watch-dogs, which means they are not impossible to find)
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PHI101-9-24 - Socrates' Response to Glaucon 09/24/09...

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