PHI-9-06-09 - Guadrians unify the city because they are...

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10/06/09 -socrates says that the city will get sick, so he practices preventative medicine City is purged through excess -through education, no -through guardians, yes -as judges would, no -as doctors would, no What is the problem/ -distribution of work and goods What is the solutio -Disinterested dispute resolution, unbiased (i.e. must balance the needs of parent and retiree) In order to do dispute and distribution resolution, they will need to Want harmony (education) Be able to enforce order -be disinterested (no possessions) Know what’s best From music and gym Guardians Lifestyle -no property, never touch gold or silver, live together, eat together, share spouses, share children -Communitarian, completely unified like the ity of sows and disinterested so they can lend their unity to the feverish city, turning it into the kallipolis New subdivisions -Auxilaries or Guardians proper, leaders and educators (sometimes used interchangeably)
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Unformatted text preview: Guadrians unify the city because they are moderate, courageous and wise and psossess a dsinterested unity Nobles Lie, the myth of the metals-Everyone is made from the same earth, we are all brothers and sisters, bronze/iron, silver and gold (workers, military, leaders) If a bronze or iron person comes to rule, it will be the end of the world because they will not have the wisdom of the guardians Vast majority of people are persuaded by any argument, most don’t understand arguments (in classical times), unity, noble lie, parentalism From whence parentalism?-patriarch looks after the whole household-not neurotic or sexist-metaphorical enslavement bet ween households Parentalism:cleaned up household-meritocratic-benefits Kalipolis as a whole...
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PHI-9-06-09 - Guadrians unify the city because they are...

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