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PHI 101 Republic Outline -First reading quiz on Thursday, Read book i -Socrates moral philosopher what is the good thing to do?, what is truth? -wise and virtous man, extremely brave in battle, carried wounded colleague and charged into battle “incredibly annoying”, would ask rich, famous people and such as what is virtue? To embarass them, his counter was to give him a fortune -399 put to death, took poison, did not want to be exiled -condemnation of people put to death -educated readers have been influenced by Plato and strong streaks of Platoism,self concious of philosophy Apology of Socrates life, politics and e thics -The possibility of free collaboration, origins of politics
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Unformatted text preview: -Is there a just thing to do and why should I do it? Personally, individually better off doing the right thing-You will benefit and flourish-Strategy (books 2-9), books 5-7 put a city into practice, 2-4 are to create an education system,8-9 are when cities go wrong Book I, intro what is justice? Cephalus, Polemarchus second half: Thrasymachus Giving back what you know, harming enemies and helping friends 2-4, Platos psychology 5-7, Kallipolis Radical, social engineering, ruling class, must not have property, share spouses, married to everyone else Rulers must understand the good Leaders must rule disinterestedly 8-9 why we should be good 10, conclusion...
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