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Plato- Republic-Opening Passage

Plato- Republic-Opening Passage - -Socrates tells Cephalus...

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Introduction -Plato’s work is the way of thinking manifested in his dialogues, philosophical -poses questions that endure, opinions were not necessarily his, it was a discussion to engage in the search for wisdom, it does not give a clear answer nut able to join the dialogue - what endures is a way of thinking, we must wrestle with the same issues plato wrestled with, the choices are difficult to make -Socrates is convinced to go with Polymarchus to the festival and to be with his family, Socrates goes to Polymarchus’s house
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Unformatted text preview: -Socrates tells Cephalus he is at the threshhold of old age, asks if life is more difficult toward the end, what does he have to report-Old age people flock together, they do not have the pelasures of youth and love, instead calm and and freedom, dminished passions-wealth does make old men happy, evil rich people will never be at peace-fears and cares enter in old age, fear of death, begin to reflect and consider the wrongs done, people who have clear conscience is the kind nurse of age...
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